Thursday, February 4, 2016

Quite Moment With Him

At some point in our life, we felt alone and lonely.  Buying expensive clothes, gadgets and going out with friends for some this is the way they fill in the gap. Instead of talking to the Lord, we choose to solve it in our way. We haven’t realized it that the Lord is letting us have this situation so that we talk to him. We rather share and seek advice with our friends and family. And we never asked help or even have a quiet moment with our Lord.
A quiet moment with him is the way we contemplate with all the blessings or failures; we’ve done in our lives. We are scared to admit that we are at fault, and we always tried to justify it. A mistake is a mistake, and all we can do is to learn from it.  But we never learned. We kept on repeating every mistake. These are our own doing, and we take the consequences of our personal actions.
Why are we so scared to have a quiet moment with him? Maybe, because we are afraid to admit and to let go of the wrong habits. The justification that we are only human and we are not perfect is not enough. Why don’t we turn to him and be with him? He is only asking for a few minutes from our 24 hours.
Seeing others happy at times that we are in troubles makes us bitter. We then asked Him why do you bless them and answering all their cries? And how about me? Aren’t you listening or hearing my cries? Feeling so unfair at this moment. But we didn’t realize it that He never answered our prayers in the way we want it to be. He might already give us the answer to our prayers, but we didn’t see it or knew it because it’s not the way we want it to be.
We asked too much, but do we give enough time for him? Sometimes our Lord is just getting our attention by all this problem, challenges, and failures so that we turn to him, and we will talk to him.
It’s never too late to run back to him. For he will there for us opens arms welcoming us.  Spend time with him, listen to his voice and always trust in him never give up. Keep holding on him and he will take care of the rest.
Are we ready to have a quiet moment with him?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hope in My Heart

The rays of the sun are on my face; Indicating that there is always hope in every downfall. Reminding me the brighter side of it.  In every darkness, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When I’m in this kind of situation, I asked myself “Do I deserved it? Why had me? What have I done?”
You will see me enjoying life. But at the back of it, I felt empty. I don’t want to be a burden to anybody. I am strong because I know he is with me. Holding my hands and I’m about to give up. He gives me hope seeing the tree bends as the strong wind blows. I am just like a tree I will never break because this high wind will only pass and my foundation is firmed  in the ground.
Having an active disposition is a great one. Being positive even we are in a dangerous situation, when we are about to fall, or when I see things so impossible. 
I sit down and pause if the situation is overwhelming. Feeling the wind blowing my hair gives me peace. That life must go on. I don’t need to be a prisoner of the situation. That miracle happens at the right time. I chase time to solve the case, but I guess chasing it just worsening the situation.
Enjoy the wind, the rays of the sun, and the chirp of the birds. Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. I can’t change the situation right away, but I know he will change it in his time. When you least expected it, you’ll be surprised with his gift. I learned to let go and wait. But whileI’m waiting, I will enjoy the moment and be thankful for all his blessings.
Look around you, everything is wonderful we must appreciate life as given to us. I still stumble and learning to stand up once again. In every bumpy road, I encounter I thank him for it. Because I know, this will make me a better person.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dreaming Exploring and Discovering Life

               Where will you go in your dreams this year?  Where will I be? We have so many thoughts, a dream that sometimes really difficult to achieve. We struggle to make it. Circumstances sometimes hinder us from attaining what we imagined of. But why do these situations come? Maybe, what we fantasized of is not for us, or maybe a better one will come or maybe fate is just testing us.
                Imagining makes us alive. It gives us a drive to work, to achieve goals.  Regardless we fail or succeed. It gives us the energy to be more positive in life. Once we don’t have a dream, we are like a zombie, person without a life.
                Life is too short; enjoy every moment we have with our family.  We might regret it one day and we will be dreaming about spending time with our kinfolk that will never happen anymore.
                When I was a child, I dreamed of traveling and exploring which until now I still dreamed about. But everything changes. Now I dreamed of traveling to be successful along with my little prince. I dreamed for us to have our own house, I dreamed for us to have a complete family, I dreamed for us to travel across the globe. I have so many dreams, but my dreams are not only for myself but also for my son and my family. That one day all my visions will come true.
                Dreaming is like trusting and having faith in God. We don’t see him, but we trust him.  We just need to trust ourselves, our journeys, and what we will explore next. Trusting in all the circumstances that comes along in our way is a risk.
                Following one's dream is about taking a risk. The risk that you won’t know if this will be beneficial or not. A risk if you will fail or succeed. But no one can ever vision the success or failure if we take a risk to follow our dreams.
                We regret at times when we didn’t try to follow our dreams. And lots of what if are running in our brilliant brain. What if we I did it, What if I don’t. It drives us crazy if we internalize every thought.
                Why don’t you sit down and think? Is this his plan for me? Is this what he wants for me? We don’t know the answer. Let him be the captain of your journey in succeeding to your dreams.
                Keep on dreaming. Never stop to dreaming. The dream of all the places you want to be. The dream of all the success you want to have. This will keep us in pushing ourselves to be alive. This dream is what we need to be positive and be thankful for everything we have.
                So I will ask you again where you will go in your dreams this year.